Monday, October 30, 2006

Misty Mountains

This is the view from a break spot in Glentanar Estate in Scotland. It was a beautiful sunny day at first, but a bit of a drizzle came out of nowhere as we walked. Looking across the mountains all we could see was thick mist enveloping the other peaks. It was difficult to capture, but I think the more distant mountains look suitably mysterious.

Just imagine how wonderful it was a few moments later when the drizzle stopped, and the sun came back with force. I sat on a bench listening to the river which I could only just make out where it sparkled so beautifully between the tree branches, like a road made from diamonds.


Dr. A. said...


MLL said...

Wow, yes, really very beautiful. Scotland...I'd love to visit it so much. No, not for men in skirt...well, not only:) I love such landscapes. Those moments you must have been great. Will I ever go there...
Well, congratulation for this beginning. I'll come back, if you don't mind, of course.

Chillzero said...

mll, dr A, I'm glad to have any visitors. I'm glad you liked the photo. Thanks for your comments.

Dr. A. said...

A comment posted on my blog:-

thank you for pointing me to Chillzero's blog: as I cannot comment there, I will do so here:

Very, very lovely. Your photo captures very nicely what I love about the mountains: how each one has a different color and how each color is paler in relation to the distance between the photographer (the eye) and each peak. These mountains look old and "soft" and quite hikeable though I have no doubt they are quite high.

Very nice!