Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Stop Sylvia Browne

No photo today, as I don't have one prepared following a hectic weekend with visiting family.

However, I wanted to post to bring attention to the following site:

Stop Sylvia Browne!

I fully support Mr Lancaster in his endeavours with this site, and would invite you all to read it whether you object to people claiming to be psychics, or you support and believe people who claim to be psychics. It provides good information, and poses questions you may wish to have Sylvia Browne address (or any other psychics you may know). Certainly, when I watched her years ago and believed what she said, I still wondered why she refused to tackle certain issues that would surely prove to the world how valid and important her powers are, if she speaks the truth.

I would also like to use this opportunity to remind you of the other site I support as best I can. It is run by Kelly Jolkowski, whose son has been missing for years and is the reason her site exists:


Kelly appeared on the Montel Williams show in her plight to find her son, or at least get some publicity out there about his case. She did not encounter Sylvia Browne in her slot, but she has information from others who did.

Sylvia has regular appearances on the Montel Show, and this for me was something that intially added a lot of validity to her claims, through my respect for Montel's open and straight style of journalism. His support for Sylvia Browne stands in a remarkable contrast for all the other amazing pieces of work he has done to uncover frauds, educate people about scams, and highlight issues concerning the emotionally vulnerable.

I can only assume that his support is somehow related to Sylvia's claim that a cure for multiple sclerosis is imminent: something he suffers from and would obviously hang to any hope of a cure.

Sylvia is also much discussed at one of my other favourite sites - the James Randi Educational Foundation. In fact, Mr Randi issued a challenge to Sylvia Browne which she accepted, but has so far ducked out of following through:


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Jocky said...

Hi Chillzero,

Just discovered your blog - I've got it bookmarked, and I'll pop in from time to time.

I too fully support Robert Lancaster's efforts to reveal Sylvia Browne for the fraud she is. Let's hope that initiatives such as this can save relatives of missing people from suffering needlessly in the manner so clearly described on the page you linked.