Friday, January 12, 2007


Although there are a few things in this poem that aren't really 'me' (I'm more pagan - definitely not christian), I can totally relate to the experience of coming face to face with such a magnificent creature.

The Stag

Sally Evans

A trail under the trees

near Loch Katrine

and all is silent, barring

a bird, a wind-sigh.

God's creation rises

in the form of a great stag

his magnificent branchy horns and head

alert under an oak-copse

as he steps into the sun

ten feet away from me

as though he were an oak-tree come to life.

No, do not turn and run.

A pagan revelation,

personification of beauty -

I need this vision. When it is my duty

to sketch him from memory,

or from tame, toned-down specimen,

I shall draw on this meeting.

I am with him in the wild.

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Sally Evans said...

Hello, thanksfor putting my poem by this picture.
I'm not Christian, but Thomas Bewick (who I was writing about ) was.
Sally Evans