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Fact-free call to action, and a look at the extended benefits of the Pill

Misinformation spread to induce emotion based support

we read:

Everyone should know the deadly consequences of the pill and similar contraceptive products- they cause chemical abortions.

This is blatent rubbish.

Explained wonderfully here:
The above is untrue

Know any women who give birth and then give birth again 2 months later?


The only explanation for this is that fetuses will actually devour the blastocysts of fertilized eggs as they drift into the occupied womb once they have been inseminated by people having sex during pregnancy, making just about every baby on the planet a monstrous cannibal. Or because the woman doesn’t ovulate when she’s pregnant because the hormone known as progesterone (which the body begins to kick out in quarts upon pregnancy), suppresses ovulation.

The American Life League is running on the supposition that suppressing ovulation is the same thing as abortion.

Because that’s what the pill does.

It suppresses ovulation because it’s progesterone.

Anyone who took a non-abstinence-only high school health class knows this.

Now, I am not an advocate for abortion in many circumstances, however it is shocking that any organisation would make such blatently false claims in order to garner support for something not even related to abortion.

Protesting this nonsense is covered here: SkepChick
Feminist Gamers

I want to speak from personal experience about a different aspect to the Pill. The establishment of women's rights to contraception and privacy are massively important. My fellow bloggers do it much justice.

My take is this: the Pill is not merely a tool for contraception. My teens and twenties were incredibly difficult times for me; intolerable on many occasions. I was almost constantly in pain or ill, and this was an improvement of my quality of life after I was placed on the Pill. I thank the Pill for the fact that I was able to change a regular absence of around a week every month to merely a day or two every few months due to the severe pain and problems caused by undiagnosed endometriosis. I've used so many painkillers so often that they rarely work any longer, and I've trained myself so well to ignore pain that what I thought was a low pain threshold (thanks to doctors who told me I was just a normal female and cramps are perfectly normal to expect, what was I making such a fuss about?) is actually quite high. I endured a disease that basically fused together bits of my abdomen for two decades.

I found an old diary recently that brought back some scary memories of sitting in a doctor's office begging them to do anything they could to make the pain stop. I'm not alone either. Endometriosis and many other 'women's problems' are overlooked, or dismissed annually by doctors (male and female) who seem to think that women who complain about monthly problems are just wimps or hypocondriacs. Had it not been for the Pill, I know for a fact there were times when I would have rather killed myself.

My message to women in similar situations would be this - don't let anyone try to dismiss your pain. Don't ever let anyone diminish what you feel, and how you feel about it. I'm in the younger set of women to be 'permitted' a hysterectomy and finally feel like a real functional human being again. I know, however there are other actions that can be taken earlier, if you can find someone who will take you seriously.

And for goodness' sake... everyone... please refuse to support such unscientific, ridiculous organisations as 'The Pill Kills'.

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