Friday, June 06, 2008

I wonder how much she paid for it....

Painting returned to UK on sale for £95k

An unknown painting by a celebrated 19th century Scottish artist has gone on sale for £95,000 after being discovered in America.

The Shepherd, by Edward Arthur Walton, was returned to the UK after a city art dealer found it in the US.

Miss Walsh said: "I was on the internet casually looking for deals to buy at auction houses when I first saw a painting by someone called Walton.
"I thought it could be by E A Walton, so made some inquiries and hopped on the first plane to the States.

"I travelled to a small backwater town on the east coast of America and I couldn't believe it when I finally saw the painting because I knew it was one of his works."

A canny purchase, it would seem. ;-)

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