Thursday, May 28, 2009

'Natural Remedy' sellers run away from Q&A

My thanks to Teek at the Skepchick blog for bringing this to my attention. It brightened my day after the rather depressing news that acupuncture and other 'alternative' medicines are to be covered under the NHS.

Go here for an amusing read of what happened when a purveyor of 'natural remedies' opened themselves up to some Q&A with the Guardian readers:

Not a single answer!
This is a shame because many of the questions are entirely reasonable, and are simple questions anyone who believes these items are useful shoudl have been prepared to answer. Shame on them for running away, and more shame on them for continuing in business, given the rather outrageous claims made against some of their products which they clearly cannot support.

Edited to add:
Of all the good questions asked, I think the following is my favourite, and one I would have liked to have seen answered:
If I have discovered a new homeopathic remedy how do I go about getting it on the shelves of your shops?

Will it hinder my pitch that I have no evidence for my new remedy?

In my efforts, I have noted from your Canadian website that all your products meet your "stringent requirements" for quality and that they are "thoroughly tested". What are these stringent requirements for quality and what do these thorough tests involve? I would want to make sure that my new product will stand up to these impressive sounding standards.

I also see that you have a "team of highly qualified scientists" responsible for checking this, what are your minimum qualification requirements to join this esteemed body?

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