Thursday, June 04, 2009

Simon Singh, JREF, and Sense about Science

Randi's comments

My family will find this amusing because I am the least science-oriented person they know. Throw words with 6 or more syllables, or definitive terminology at me and I start to get a little flustered. However, since my conversion from a stance believing nature guides and supports us to understanding the importance of a scientific approach, I'm all for supporting science and its progress wherever possible.

I fully support Simon Singh in his legal battle against the BCA, and therefore was delighted to see JREF's support, and their link to 'Sense about Science' who are also supporting Simon Singh.
Sense about Science

I hope you will also lend your support - go blog it, twitter it, or at the very least link to their 'Keep libel laws out of science' campaign - such as I have done to the right.
link for button

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