Saturday, May 29, 2010

Beauty at Dawn (flash fiction)

I'm feeling like I should get back to writing again, so step 1 is going through my older collection. This piece was originally 100 words exactly, for a competition (I won), but I recently re-found it with an extra 50 words tagged on, and I like the twist I gave it (though it's not perfect - there's an obvious flaw). I might come back to expand it further though.

Beauty at Dawn

He knelt by her slender, naked body.
No resistance was offered as he lifted her, arm behind her shoulders. He tilted her chin gently, raising her face closer to his. Brushing back a few stray hairs, he stared deep into her brown eyes. Slowly he let his eyes wander over every detail of her pale face.
In the brightening sunlight water rainbowed in her hair.

Finally he laid her gently back on the riverbank. Taking a deep breath he stood, and turned to face his fellow officers, huddled, hushed.
“It’s not our mis-per. Take her to the morgue… identity unknown.”

He turned away; returned to his car. Now a new file would open for this murdered enchantress. The missing teenager would slip from people’s minds and he could breathe easy again. The investigation had almost come too close.

Turning the mirror he smiled at his reflected eyes. “You did good.”

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